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Thomas Fernandez

Thomas Fernandez was born and raised, died and was reborn in Yuma Arizona. He is a father and an artist and a whole bunch of other things. He has been a recording artist, a painter, a writer, comic book artist, podcaster and future film maker. Thomas’ life goal is to leave the planet a little better than it was when he was born and to raise his son to be a better man than he was.  



Joseph Campbell wrote, everything starts with a story. That statement is the foundation of the Are We Where Yet Podcast. Since the dawn of time, stories have been as important to the advancement of mankind as anything else that one could name. Stories have united us, instructed us and have left us enchanted. They are what protect us from making the same mistakes as others that have come before us, like a lamp unto our feet. At their very best, they inspire us to pursue our dreams and sometimes create the dream itself. From the earliest stories represented hieroglyphics in the caves of Egypt, to The Torah, Aesop’s Fables, The Arabian Nights, Shakespeare, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and into the modern era – whether fact or fiction, stories have shaped our alliances, perceptions and beliefs. We fully believe in the power and value of story as we invite people from all walks of life, with a vast wealth of experiences, to come in and share their stories of where they’ve been, where they are heading and where they would like to call their final destination. The chapters of their lives become the rich content of each and every show. We know that their stories may be just what someone else needs to hear, so we invite you to come along this journey with us as we ask: Are We Where Yet?


Jonny Awesum (Jonathan Lee Porter) | Host

Jonny started performing at the age of 16. Coming up in the world of Hip Hop, he was no stranger to the mic and bright lights – putting out albums, starting a record label (Humble Beast), opening a non-profit performance venue (Open Aired) & performing around the southwest. After a good run in Hip Hop, he made a successful transition into event hosting & public speaking. Jonny became a regular on KBLU’s radio show “Live & Local” and KYMA’s opinion TV segment “What’s Trending?”. Now, fueled by his inquisitive mind, Jonny has moved into the podcast space where no one holds him back from asking the questions he wants to ask.


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